Webinar: Guidance for hosting open farm school visits


This webinar hosted by Tirlán in collaboration with Agri Aware aims to provide insight and advice into hosting a group of school pupils to a farm.

Farm school visits should provide a unique opportunity to:

  • Engage with young people about where the food they eat comes from;
  • Bridge the gap between rural and urban Ireland;
  • Promote greater awareness among the non-farming community of modern agriculture, the rural environment, animal welfare, food quality and safety​;
  • Inform the non-farming community about the crucial role that the farming and agri-food industry play in the Irish economy.

Farmers facilitating group visits from schools of any level (pre-schools, primary & secondary) should adhere to strict guidelines to ensure high levels of safety, hygiene and biosecurity are maintained and that visitors experience best practice and obtain both a better understanding of agriculture and an appropriate impression of the industry.

This webinar will provide guidance for any farmer who wishes to facilitate visits to their farm as a reference to the minimum requirements expected of the host farm and farmer.



When: Tuesday, 05 March 2024 at 8pm.




Pat O’Keeffe, Director of Corporate Affairs, Tirlán

Marcus O’Halloran, Executive Director, Agri Aware


Questions via;

Email: [email protected]

Text: 0861803947


First Published 27 February 2024


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