Tirlán supports farm families to make the switch to Protected Urea

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Sales of Protected Urea significantly increased in 2023, which is a clear indication of farmer Members’ focus on farming more sustainably. The use of Protected Urea instead of other fertilisers such as CAN or straight urea has been identified as an impactful on-farm action to address climate change.

Tirlán has confirmed it will continue its support of the lower emissions fertiliser for the coming season.

The Tirlán Sustainability Action Payment programme will now count the purchase of Protected Urea as double or two of the seven actions required to receive the full payment.

In addition, as part of the Trading Bonus Scheme, which rewards Members for trading with their Co-op, the points associated with the purchase of Protected Urea will count as double compared with a standard purchase.

Ailish Byrne, Tirlán’s Director of Agribusiness, said: “In Tirlán we fully appreciate the need to support on-farm economic performance and when it comes to Protected Urea use, we also recognise Teagasc’s position that switching to Protected Urea is the number one technology to reduce on-farm climate and ammonia impacts.”

Sales of Protected Urea have increased significantly in recent years and account for almost three quarters of sales in this category, Ailish Byrne continued.

“Work is underway to increase the numbers switching to use Protected Urea in 2024. We are very much encouraging farmers to consider Protected Urea, conscious of our environmental targets and the need to reduce costs for farmers who are taking positive actions.”

She stated 2023 was a challenging year and Tirlán is very grateful to suppliers who continue to trade strongly with the co-operative they own. “We express our gratitude and thanks to all of our customers for the trade they have done with us over the past year. Your custom is very much appreciated and we look forward to providing you with a good service and supports through our business managers and our Tirlán FarmLife and Tirlán CountryLife branches in the year ahead.”


First Published 7 March 2024


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