Tirlán launches new Truly Gluten Free Oat drink into US market

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Enjoy NEW Truly Gluten Free Original Oat Milk over cereal, as part of a smoothie or simply a delicious glass cold from the fridge. 


Tirlán has launched a new Truly Gluten Free Premium Irish Oat drink made with Irish oats into the US market.

Maintaining the company's commitment to its Irish farming tradition and heritage, Truly Gluten Free Oat Beverage Range* is made with 100% gluten-free premium Irish oats creating the purest, creamiest flavour.

The two varieties, which can be found in the refrigerated sections in selected US stores and markets nationwide include:

  • Truly Gluten Free Original Oat Milk: contains eight quality ingredients; filtered water, gluten-free Irish oats, sunflower oil and sea salt. The Original Oat Milk is fortified and, a rich source of Vitamin B2 & B12, D2 and Calcium, perfect over cereal, as part of a smoothie or simply in a cold glass.
  • Truly Gluten Free Extra Creamy Oat Milk: contains only four quality ingredients; filtered water, gluten-free Irish oats, sunflower oil and sea salt. The Extra Creamy Oat Milk can be steamed, frothed, or served straight up making it an ideal accompaniment to your favourite coffee.

The perfect accompaniment to your favourite coffee, NEW Truly Gluten Free Extra Creamy Oat can be steamed, frothed or served simply straight up.

Truly Gluten Free's Original Oat Milk and Extra Creamy Oat Milk have independent verification across a variety of core measures, including Product Quality, Environmental sustainability, Non-GMO Project Verified, plant-based, gluten-free and lactose free.

"Expanding upon the increased consumer enthusiasm in Truly Grass Fed's naturally delicious butter and cheese, we are excited for shoppers to experience the brand in a new way with our Truly Gluten Free Oat Milk," said Jaclyn Crabbe, Marketing Director for Truly Grass Fed. "By growing Truly Grass Fed into a new retail category, we are able to reach new customers who are looking to include plant-based products in their diet.”

Truly Gluten Free's products are crafted from the finest Irish oats and are part of Tirlán’s 100% farmer-owned co-operative product portfolio.

All oats that go into Truly Gluten Free's products are traceable to 110 Irish family growers who are members of the Irish Grain Assurance Scheme, which has the highest international standard possible for food safety and traceability.

The Oats undergo a 14-step process to ensure all oats are Gluten Free Certified. Additionally, any waste from the company's oat mill is recycled as an animal feed ingredient or goes to composting, resulting in zero finished product waste.

"From the way we source our oats at Irish family farms to our recycled packaging, Truly Gluten Free Oat Milk is a continuation of our commitment to remaining sustainable on all fronts," said Conor O'Donovan, General Manager at Truly Grass Fed. "In addition to being environmentally responsible, we also pride ourselves on delivering superior products.”

For more information about Truly Gluten Free Oat Milk and its availability in the US, please visit www.trulyglutenfree.com and to learn more about Truly Grass Fed, please visit www.trulygrassfed.com.

The Truly Gluten Free and Truly Grass Fed Range.

Tirlán’s Truly Grass Fed range in the US market includes butter and cheese made from cows that are 95% grass-fed, Non-GMO Project Verified and Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World.

*­The beverage range is called 'Oat Milk' in the US marketplace in line with US Food and Drug Administration rules and other oat drink beverage brands in the US marketplace.


First Published 7 March 2024


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