Sustainability Action Payment – Final call for Declarations

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This is the final call for farm family suppliers to declare their sustainable actions as part of the Sustainability Action Payment.

How to declare your Sustainability Actions

  1. Log on to your “My Account” on com
  2. Click on “Sustainability Action Payment” tab in the “My Farm” section. Here you will see all 18 Sustainability Actions.
  3. Select all actions which you have completed by ticking the box to the right of each action.

Included below is a demonstration video on how our farm family suppliers can declare their sustainable actions on Tirlan FarmLife as part of The Sustainability Action Payment

Sustainability Action Payment - Demonstration Video on how to declare your sustainable actions.

As part of the programme, dairy suppliers have the opportunity to receive a 0.5 cent per litre (Including VAT) payment for delivering specific sustainability actions. Last year the average payment to our farm family suppliers who delivered on the required sustainability actions was €3000.

Figure 1. Sustainability Action Payment - Actions

The Sustainability Action Payment initiative is designed to assist our farm family dairy suppliers transition to more sustainable farming systems. The initiative assists our dairy suppliers reduce their carbon footprint, improve air quality, enhance the biodiversity on their farms, ameliorate soil health, implement water protection measures and prioritise animal health on their farms.

The current 18 sustainable measures which make up the Sustainability Action Payment are closely aligned with the climate action measures identified in Teagasc’s emissions reduction Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC) climate plan.

Living Proof

Tirlán understands the importance of sustainability and that’s why we have committed to a more sustainable future through our comprehensive sustainability strategy called ‘Living Proof’.

Figure 2. Living Proof - Objectives

Tirlán has also signed up to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to further its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by implementing the best science and technology.

The Sustainability Action Payment will assist our farm family suppliers achieve a number of ambitious sustainable targets which have been set out in our Living Proof sustainability strategy, which include:
Supporting our dairy farmers to deliver a 30% reduction in carbon intensity from milk production by 2030.

  • Building and enhancing soil health, with 100% of our milk suppliers having a nutrient management plan, soil testing and Fertiliser Programme by 2025.
  • Protecting water quality, with 100% of our milk suppliers in Priority Areas for Action having water quality plans in place by 2025.
  • Safeguarding animal health and welfare, with 100% of our milk suppliers being certified to a Greener World Animal Welfare Approved Standards by 2025.


First Published 16 January 2023


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