Low-cost tree and hedgerow bundles available under Operation Biodiversity

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Low-cost tree and hedgerow bundles to suit all soil types are now available in Tirlán FarmLife and Tirlán CountryLife stores as part of this year’s Operation Biodiversity programme.

Planting trees and hedgerows is a win-win for farm families. It counts as a Sustainability Action Payment action towards securing the valuable bonus for milk suppliers, which is worth on average €3,000 a year.

The bundles of trees and hedgerows listed also qualify under the Department of Agriculture's Acres scheme, with availability dependent on provenance and offered while stocks last.

View Tirlán Operation Biodiversity Leaflet Here or Click Below:

Announcing details of this year’s Operation Biodiversity programme, Tirlán Chairperson, John Murphy, said: “There’s space for nature on every farm and I’d encourage farmers to talk to our team of experienced horticulturists and discuss the best tree and hedgerow options to boost biodiversity on their farms. Every tree planted makes a difference.”

Operation Biodiversity Ambassador and Wexford-based dairy farmer, Alan Poole, said: “There has always been a huge appetite among farmers for initiatives like Operation Biodiversity. Farmers are improving farmyards, planting native Irish trees and hedgerows and working with nature every day. There is even more momentum behind planting trees and hedgerows now as Irish farmers know they set us apart from farms anywhere in the world.”

Through Operation Biodiversity the excellent value bundles available in-store include a hedging mix of native Irish hedgerow plants specially selected by Tirlán FarmLife and Tirlán CountryLife horticulturists. Each bundle includes Blackthorn, Whitethorn, Hazel, Spindle and Mountain Ash.

The specially-selected, rich species tree bundle includes a mix of Birch, Alder, Oak, Mountain Ash and Scots Pine trees. Both packages are available through the Tirlán FarmLife network of branches and Tirlán CountryLife garden centres.

To help drive Operation Biodiversity,  Tirlán FarmLife and Tirlán CountryLife have committed to delivering excellent value. Along with offering low-cost bundles, they’re also providing free horticultural expertise on the selection of trees and hedging to best suit each individual farm. Free advice is also available on planting trees and hedgerows to ensure optimal growth.

Farm families have been incredibly supportive of Operation Biodiversity over the years. In its first year, the original 100,000 tree and  hedgerow target was met twelve months ahead of schedule. To celebrate, Tirlán donated 10,000 native Irish trees to its farm family suppliers, customers and community groups.



First Published 18 December 2023


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