2023 Trading Bonus updates are now live on Tirlán Farmlife


2023 Trading Bonus updates are now live on Tirlán Farmlife

Tirlán Co-op members can now log into their Tirlán FarmLife account and view their 2023 Trading Bonus status updates. Shareholders are encouraged to log into the system to check that all of their eligible accounts are linked to their shareholding.

All Members of Tirlán Co-op that trade with Tirlán are eligible for the 2023 Trading Bonus Scheme. Shareholders should firstly log into the secure “My Account” section on www.tirlanfarmlife.com Trading Bonus information can then be located by selecting “Trading Bonus Scheme” and then selecting “Tirlan Bonuses” from dropdown menu.

The Trading Bonus landing page will display the Bonuses that the shareholder is eligible for e.g Milk Supplier Trading Bonus, Grain Supplier Trading Bonus and Feed Trading Bonus for non-milk suppliers.


2023 Milk Supplier Trading Bonus

The 2023 Trading Bonus Scheme will reward farmer Members of the Co-op for their purchases made and delivered to 31 December 2023 from Tirlán and its subsidiaries - feed, fertiliser, veterinary medicines, dairy hygiene products, farm hardware etc. are all included in the calculations.

The Milk Supplier Trading Bonus is worth up to €1,375 to a 550,000 litre supplier spending over 8 cpl with Tirlán this year. Purchases made through Purchasing Groups count at 50% for 2023.

For milk supplier Members, the 2023 Trading Bonus is potentially worth up to 0.25 cent per litre (cpl) on all milk delivered in 2023. At the end of 2023, the total spend will be divided by the total litres of milk delivered to generate a cent per litre input spend for each Member. The applicable Trading Bonus will be paid in February 2024.


Grain Supplier Trading Bonus

Similarly, the Grain Supplier Trading Bonus page will show the Co-op member a list of their linked grain and trading accounts.

For Tirlán grain growers, a Trading Bonus of up to €10 per tonne (plus VAT in certain instances) on grain supplied is available for 2023. The rate of Trading Bonus will vary depending on the level of “qualifying grain inputs” purchased. Qualifying grain inputs are seed grain, fertilisers, ag-chemicals, crop packaging and other seeds. Aany interest paid on overdue accounts is excluded. Purchases made through Purchasing Groups count at 50% for 2023.


2023 Feed Trading Bonus for non-milk suppliers

Livestock farmer customers of Tirlán that are Co-op Members but not milk suppliers to Tirlán will also qualify for a Feed Bonus on their tonnes purcahses made and delivered to 31 December 2023.The Feed Bonus will be paid on all tonnes of beef, dairy, and sheep feeds purchased from Tirlán (confined to non-milk supplier Members in 2023).

The 2023 Feed Trading Bonus will be €10 per tonne on beef, dairy and sheep feed products. Qualifying Co-op Members that buy Straights from Tirlán will receive a feed bonus of €3 per tonne. Purchases made through Purchasing Groups are paid at 50% for 2023.


Queries answered

Please note that Trading Bonus information may not be presented online for complex Qualifying Entities with multiple unrelated shareholders. These shareholders should contact the Co-op Shares Office if they require an update on their Trading Bonus status.

Any shareholder with queries on the Trading Bonus should contact the Tirlán Co-op Shares Office on 058-44444. If the query relates to a farmer’s trading or milk accounts, they should contact their local Tirlán representative or Milk Supply Manager or the Customer Service Centre (CSC) on 0818 321 321.


First Published 13 September 2023


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