Calving Essentials for Success 2024

The Beginning is everything – calving season is now upon us, we have pulled together all our essential products and offers most needed during the busy season. Explore our range of feeders, milk karts, calf jackets, calving jacks, gloves and ropes available online and also available from your local branch.

Online Exclusive Calf Milk Replacer Offer:

Buy a Pallet of any GAIN Calf Milk Replacer and get a €125 online exclusive voucher back to use on Pallet consists of 60 bags. T&Cs Apply.

Calf milk replacer offers consistency of the energy and vitamin and mineral content of feed and lower disease risk. Calves thrive on consistency. Additional benefits to feeding milk replacers includes feeding at a more convenient time and can be labour saving.


Online Exclusive Calf Feed Offer:

Buy a Pallet of any GAIN Calf Feed and get a €50 online exclusive voucher back to use on Pallet consists of 42 bags. T&Cs Apply.

The Calf Nutrition Range of solid feeds are formulated specifically to suit the needs of growing calves and to support rumen development in the early weeks and months of life to get your calves off to the best possible start.


Calving Videos:

View or download our Calving Offers Brochure:

View or download our GAIN Heifer Rearing Programme Brochure:

All this and more; contact your Tirlán Business Manager or nearest Tirlán branch for the latest advice, information and offers throughout the Calving season.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

First Published 1 January 2024

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