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Ordering Bulk feed online with Glanbia Connect

Once you have created an online Connect account you are just 6 steps away from ordering your bulk feed delivery online!

Glanbia Connect is our online hub that provides farm management tips, upcoming news and events and allows you to shop all of our products available in our branches, whenever you want and where ever you want.

In order to purchase bulk feed online you must have a Glanbia Ireland trading account that is linked to your Glanbia Connect account. This is a quick and easy process where your local Glanbia Ireland representative will be on-hand to guide you through the procedure.

Linking your existing Glanbia Ireland trading account allows you to view your trading statement and if you are a milk supplier your milk statement.

The process is short and simple;

Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - My Account: On the Glanbia Connect homepage, click “My Account” which is located on the top right-hand-side of your screen and in the My Account box on the landing page. Fill in your login details when prompted.

Step 3 - Bulk Feed Ordering: Under “My Dashboard” to the left pane of your screen, click the drop-down tab: “Bulk Feed Ordering”

Step 4 - placing the bulk feed order:

To create a new bulk feed order

  • Click “New Bulk Feed Order”
  • Select your preferred delivery method (Blown, Tipped or Collected)
  • Select the type of feed order you want to place (Dairy, beef, calf, and sheep). Contact your local Glanbia Ireland representative for nutritional advice and recommendations.
  • Select your product and adjust the quantity (Note: Minimum order of 3 tonnes)
  • Click Add to Order
  • Click proceed to confirm order

If you are a returning customer and wish to reorder:

  • Click Bulk Feed Order History
  • Search for the orders you placed within a selected period (Last 4 months)
  • Select your product from your list of previous orders and adjust the quantity if necessary
  • Click Re-Order

Step 5 - Delivery - Confirm your delivery method and click proceed to Delivery Details

Step 6 - Submitting the order - Fill in or confirm your delivery address. Select your delivery date. Fill in your phone number and add delivery notes if necessary. Click on submit order.

For more information please contact your Glanbia Ireland representative.

First Published 31 March 2020

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