LESS remains top in Sustainability Actions!

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As 2023 nears to an end, farm family suppliers continue to log on to their Tirlán FarmLife account and declare their actions, to receive the 0.5cpl Sustainability Action Payment in 2024.

All farm family suppliers are urged to ensure they have declared their actions on Tirlan FarmLife, to avoid missing out on the 0.5cpl action payment in 2024.

The current top 5 actions being declared by Tirlán milk suppliers so far this year are as follows:

  1. Spreading slurry using low emissions slurry spreading equipment
  2. Herd Disease Screening
  3. Improving their herd EBI
  4. Fencing off watercourses on their farm
  5. Milk recording

Please note, suppliers who don’t declare their chosen actions as part of The Sustainability Action Payment this year, will not receive their 0.5 cent per litre (including VAT) sustainability payment in 2024.

Milk suppliers are asked to click on the ‘My Farm’ section on Tirlán FarmLife and declare their sustainability actions, to continue to receive their Sustainability Action Payment in 2024.

To continue to receive the Sustainability Action Payment in 2024, Republic of Ireland suppliers are requested to log on to the “My Farm” section on Tirlán FarmLife and declare 7 of the 18 sustainability actions undertaken.


First Published 21 November 2023


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